The craziest ideas are born where one would least expect them. In similar fashion, the Bagger Custom Club came into existence when Zbyšek Hazmuka decided to bring something completely and fundamentally new to the Czech basin.

He was mad enough bring the American bagger scene to the Czech Republic, a scene that at the time dominated mainly at Daytona Beach and the highways of California. Nothing seemed crazier than introducing these technological monsters in the town of Ústí nad Labem.

Zbyšek did not allow himself to be swayed by the doubtful reaction of his surroundings or the comments that gave this new project no chance. The result of this ambitious decision to go against the tide, are 15 unique machines that have been created in a small workshop in Ústí nad Labem since 2015.


The term Bagger is derived from the fact that motorcycles of this category are usually equipped with spacious saddlebags, defining the main purpose of these machines, i.e. long-distance travel. The first to come up with this style was none other than Willie G. Davidson. Baggers have come a long way since the 1960s. In addition to low rear saddlebags that follow the lines of the machine, their dominant features include more powerful engines, air suspension, enhanced musical performance, a large front wheel and a wide fairing. The machine is usually enhanced by the artistic and usually quite unique paintwork. However, the style of the Bagger is limited only by the imagination, courage and, of course, the owner's budget.

Bringing this style to the Czech roads took courage and making it a thriving business required a fair amount of madness. The Bagger Custom Club started with Harley Davidson machines and gradually, from 2017 on new projects based on the Indian Motorcycles platform were included. Those came after the Indian brand returned to markets. Under the Bagger Custom Club's baton, a completely unique Kawasaki-based Bagger was also created.


The Bagger Custom Club continues to strengthen its activities, investing in a new headquarters in Ústí nad Labem, which will become a meeting place for fans of Bagger culture. The new headquarters brings solid conditions for the creation of new projects, which are currently being developed for the next season. The new headquarters will also see the fulfilment of another idea of the founders, namely the creation of a club scene in the form of a biker bar and showroom, where new models from the BCC production will be on display.


The main activities of the Bagger Custom Club include:


  • Building and modifying Bagger motorcycles, especially those based on Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle platforms.
  • Modifications and installations of sound systems on motorcycles of the touring category
  • Motorcycle rentals featuring Indian and Harley Davidson machines
  • Sale of own products under the BCC brand on the e-shop
  • Running the Bagger Custom Club and promoting the Bagger philosophy in the Czech Republic and Europe



Our passion for Bagger culture can best be seen in the bike conversions we have done. Check out our designs and be inspired to create your own Bagger style.

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