The last of the HD platform transformations is the HD Road Glide, whose owner wanted to redefine the standard issued  machine.

The initial plan for this motorcycle was a relatively small intervention into the base design, but that just isn’t our style. A custom made 26" front wheel, new handlebars and rear bar in the same style, and of course air suspension on the rear wheel with gradual hardness adjustment and a central stand. The whole custom project is accentuated by a saddle tailored exactly to the tall rider. Reimagined machine inside and out.

The elements of transformation
  • Bagger Custom Club kit, new front fender, and entire rear part including saddlebags.
  • Customized handlebars
  • Handles, foot pegs and shifter end in wood and light alloy
  • Unique 26" front wheel with low profile XXX tire
  • Air suspension of the rear swingarm with suspension hardness adjustment via controls on the handlebars
  • Central stand



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Reference Indian Chief Apache Bagger
Indian Chief Apache Bagger
Reference Indian Azteca Bagger
Indian Azteca Bagger
Reference Indian Tomahawk Bagger
Indian Tomahawk Bagger

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