Indian Tomahawk is the flagship of the Bagger Custom Club team. This completely unique machine with a 30" front wheel is probably the only one of its kind in Europe.

The technological and design challenges associated with the fitting of a 30" wheel brought many innovative techniques that we have used on other projects. The engine with the 116 cci Big Bore kit delivers plenty of power also thanks to the open intake. The 2000W music output is another masterpiece of the whole project. Minimalist build and perfectly hidden components of the whole system are the calling card of a clean job. Of course, the Tomahawk has air suspension on both wheels, a custom saddle and raised handlebars. It's a real hardcore ride!

The elements of transformation
  • Fitting the Bagger Custom Club kit, which replaced the front fender, and the entire rear section including the saddlebags
  • Bagger Custom Club bespoke handlebars
  • Special metallic paint and engine glow lights
  • Handles, foot pegs and shifter end in wood and light alloy
  • Unique 30" front wheel with low profile XXX tire
  • Air suspension for the front fork and rear swing arm unit with suspension hardness adjustment via handlebar control
  • Central stand



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