The Indian Apache Bagger was the first project on the Indian Motorcycle platform to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform with an emphasis on the unique elements of the brand and the overall historical heritage it brings.

While retaining the characteristic features of Indian motorcycles, the Apache brings a unique combination of saddlery, a completely unique paint job, a 26" wire wheel and a comfortable air perch on the rear wheel.

The elements of transformation
  • Production of a completely unique Bagger Custom Club kit that replaced the front fender, and the entire rear part including the side saddlebags.
  • Bagger Custom Club bespoke handlebars
  • Special metallic paint and engine glow lights
  • Unique 26" front wheel with low profile XXX tire
  • Air suspension for the front fork and rear swing arm unit with suspension hardness adjustment via handlebar controls
  • Central stand with pneumatic control


1.   Front wheel
2.   Front fender
3.   Tank
4.   Handlebars
5.   Handles
6.   Treadles
7.   Exhaust
8.   Air suspension
9.   Sound system

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Indian Azteca Bagger
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HD Road Glide Black Queen
Reference Indian Tomahawk Bagger
Indian Tomahawk Bagger

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