The Indian Azteca was created as a demo bike, which serves to demonstrate the capabilities of the Bagger Custom Club workshop to transform a standard model into a one-of-a-kind piece.

The Azteca’s foundation was the rather basic Indian Chieftain machine, with minimal components.  This base design led us to the idea of turning the motorcycle into something with both substance and flash - a redesign that will attract attention and arouse controversy.

The bold combination of white and gold, complete with a gold wire wheel trim, is not to be missed.  And a tailor-made seat paired with a powerful sound system, complemented by the smooth underlighting of the engine and saddle bags, will most certainly catch everyone’s eye.

The elements of transformation
  • Installation of the Bagger Custom Club kit, which replaces the front fender, and the entire rear part, including the saddle bags.
  • Bagger Custom Club custom handlebars
  • Special white gold paint and engine lighting
  • Handles, foot pegs and shifter end in wood and light alloy
  • Unique 26" wire wheel with low profile XXX tire
  • Air suspension for the front fork and rear swing arm unit with suspension hardness adjustment via handlebar controls
  • Central stand



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Reference Indian Chief Apache Bagger
Indian Chief Apache Bagger
Reference HD Road Glide Black Queen
HD Road Glide Black Queen
Reference Indian Tomahawk Bagger
Indian Tomahawk Bagger

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